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John Roch Simons

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John Roch Simons work process primarily employs fine art painting, photography, sound and video installation, which, if not already in a digital format, he digitises and reworks before exhibiting the end results.

Simons believes completing his work in a digital format is central to his practice, as he believes the medium of ‘pixels’ best reflects the time he lives in.

Because of this his fine art oil paintings are digitised and reworked before being exhibited as duotrans in light boxes. Simons also follows a process of treating his indian inks before use.

Simons work is influenced by art history, geometric compositions, cultural feeds such as poetry, theatre and the world around him. He says he best enjoys art which challenges him and pushes his understanding beyond what art already is.

In the example here we can see how the work started out out as a photograph, is then made into a sketch, which is then used to inform a fine art oil painting and this is photographed again and manipulated resulting in the end art photographic work displayed as art photography in a light box.

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The journey from canvas to pixel